List of songs in Glee (season 4)

e is an American musical comedy-drama television series produced by Fox. It focuses on the glee club New Directions, at the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio.[1] The show was created by Ryan MurphyBrad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, and features many cover versions of songs sung on-screen by the characters.[2] Murphy is responsible for selecting all of the songs used, and strives to maintain a balance between show tunes and chart hits, as he wants there to be "something for everybody in every episode."[3] Once Murphy selects a song, rights are cleared with its publishers by music supervisor P.J. Bloom, and music producer Adam Anders rearranges it for the Glee cast.[4] Numbers are pre-recorded by the cast, while choreographer Zach Woodlee constructs the accompanying dance moves, which are then taught to the cast and filmed.[3] Studio recordings of tracks are then made. The process begins six to eight weeks before each episode is filmed, and can end as late as the day before filming begins.[4]


List of songs in Glee season four
Version covered
Performed by
"Sister Christian"Night RangerBrody Weston1. "The New Rachel"NoNo
"Call Me Maybe"Carly Rae JepsenWade "Unique" AdamsBlaine AndersonTina Cohen-Chang and Brittany Pierce1. "The New Rachel"YesTBA[5][6][7][8]
"Americano" / "Dance Again"[nb 1]Lady Gaga /Jennifer Lopez feat.PitbullCassandra July with NYADA students1. "The New Rachel"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[9][10][11][12]
"Busters Get Popped"Original compositionStoner Brett1. "The New Rachel"NoNo
"Never Say Never"The FrayJake Puckerman1. "The New Rachel"YesTBA[13][14]
"Ave Maria"Franz SchubertBeatrice McClaine1. "The New Rachel"NoNo
"New York State of Mind"Barbra StreisandRachel Berry and Marley Rose1. "The New Rachel"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[6][15][16]
"It's Time"Imagine DragonsBlaine Anderson1. "The New Rachel"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[17][18][19]
"Chasing Pavements"AdeleMarley Rose with New Directions1. "The New Rachel"YesTBA[20][21]
"Hold It Against Me"Britney SpearsBrittany Pierce with the McKinley High Cheerios2. "Britney 2.0"NoBritney 2.0[22][23]
"Boys" / "Boyfriend"Britney Spears /Justin BieberArtie Abrams and Blaine Anderson2. "Britney 2.0"NoBritney 2.0[12][23]
"Womanizer"Britney SpearsWade "Unique" AdamsTina Cohen-Chang andMarley Rose with McKinley's female gym class2. "Britney 2.0"NoBritney 2.0[23]
"3"Britney SpearsTina Cohen-ChangJoe Hart and Sam Evans2. "Britney 2.0"NoBritney 2.0[23][24][25]
"Crazy" / "(You Drive Me) Crazy"Aerosmith /Britney SpearsMarley Rose and Jake Puckerman2. "Britney 2.0"NoBritney 2.0[23]
"Oops!... I Did It Again"Britney SpearsRachel Berry with Brody Weston and NYADA students2. "Britney 2.0"NoBritney 2.0[23][26]
"Gimme More"Britney SpearsBrittany Pierce with New Directions2. "Britney 2.0"NoBritney 2.0[12][23]
"Everytime"Britney SpearsMarley Rose2. "Britney 2.0"NoBritney 2.0[23]
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"Tears for FearsBlaine Anderson3. "Makeover"YesTBA[27][28]
"Celebrity Skin"HoleBrittany Pierce and Sam Evans3. "Makeover"YesTBA[29][30][31]
"The Way You Look Tonight" / "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile"Fred Astaire /AnnieIsabelle WrightKurt Hummel and Rachel Berry3. "Makeover"YesTBA[30][32]
"A Change Would Do You Good"Sheryl CrowRachel Berry and Brody Weston3. "Makeover"YesTBA[30][33]
"Barely Breathing"Duncan SheikBlaine Anderson and Finn Hudson4. "The Break Up"YesTBA[34]
"Give Your Heart a Break"Demi LovatoRachel Berry and Brody Weston4. "The Break Up"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[19][35][36]
"Teenage Dream" (Acoustic Version)Darren CrissBlaine Anderson4. "The Break Up"YesTBA[37]
"Don't Speak"No DoubtFinn HudsonBlaine AndersonRachel Berry andKurt Hummel4. "The Break Up"YesTBA[38][39]
"Mine"Taylor SwiftSantana Lopez4. "The Break Up"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[19][40][41]
"The Scientist"ColdplayFinn HudsonBlaine AndersonSantana Lopez,Kurt HummelBrittany PierceWill Schuester,Emma Pillsbury and Rachel Berry4. "The Break Up"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[19][42][43]
"Hopelessly Devoted to You"GreaseBlaine Anderson5. "The Role You Were Born to Play"NoPresents Glease[44]
"Blow Me (One Last Kiss)"P!nkWade "Unique" Adams and Marley Rose5. "The Role You Were Born to Play"YesTBA[45]
"Juke Box Hero"ForeignerFinn Hudson and Ryder Lynn5. "The Role You Were Born to Play"YesTBA[45][46]
"Everybody Talks"Neon TreesJake Puckerman and Kitty Wilde5. "The Role You Were Born to Play"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[19][47]
"Born to Hand Jive"GreaseMercedes JonesMarley RoseJake Puckermanand Ryder Lynn with Wade "Unique" AdamsMike ChangSam EvansJoe HartSugar Motta,Brittany Pierce and Kitty Wilde5. "The Role You Were Born to Play"NoPresents Glease[44]
"Greased Lightnin'"GreaseRyder Lynn and Sam Evans with Artie Abrams,Mike ChangJoe HartFinn Hudson and Jake Puckerman6. "Glease"NoPresents Glease[44]
"Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee"GreaseKitty Wilde with Wade "Unique" AdamsTina Cohen-ChangSugar Motta and Brittany Pierce6. "Glease"NoPresents Glease[44]
"Beauty School Dropout"GreaseBlaine Anderson with Tina Cohen-Chang,Santana LopezSugar MottaBrittany Pierce andKitty Wilde6. "Glease"NoPresents Glease[44]
"Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise)"GreaseMarley Rose6. "Glease"NoPresents Glease[44]
"There Are Worse Things I Could Do"GreaseSantana LopezCassandra July and Wade "Unique" Adams6. "Glease"NoPresents Glease[44]
"You're the One That I Want"GreaseRyder LynnMarley RoseFinn HudsonRachel BerrySantana LopezBlaine AndersonKurt Hummel and Brittany Pierce6. "Glease"NoPresents Glease[44]
"Dark Side"Kelly ClarksonBlaine Anderson with Dalton Academy Warblers7. "Dynamic Duets"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[19][48][49]
"Superman"R.E.M.Jake Puckerman and Ryder Lynn7. "Dynamic Duets"YesTBA[50][51]
"Holding Out for a Hero"Bonnie TylerKitty Wilde and Marley Rose with New Directions7. "Dynamic Duets"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[19][52]
"Heroes"David BowieSam Evans and Blaine Anderson7. "Dynamic Duets"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[19][53]
"Some Nights"fun.New Directions7. "Dynamic Duets"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[19][54]
"Homeward Bound" / "Home"Simon & Garfunkel /Phillip PhillipsQuinn FabrayNoah PuckermanMike Chang,Santana LopezMercedes Jones and Finn Hudson8. "Thanksgiving"NoSeason 4, Volume 1[19]
"Come See About Me"The SupremesQuinn Fabray with Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce8. "Thanksgiving"YesTBA[55][56]
"Whistle"Flo RidaDalton Academy Warblers8. "Thanksgiving"YesTBA[57]
"Live While We're Young"One DirectionDalton Academy Warblers8. "Thanksgiving"NoSeason 4, Volume 1[19][58][59]
"Let's Have a Kiki" / "Turkey Lurkey Time"[nb 1][nb 2]Scissor Sisters /Promises, PromisesIsabelle WrightKurt Hummel and Rachel Berrywith Isabelle's party guests and Brody Weston8. "Thanksgiving"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[9][58][60][61][62]
"Over the River and Through the Wood" / "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain"Lydia Maria Child / TraditionalThe Rosedale Mennonites8. "Thanksgiving"NoTBA
"Gangnam Style"PSYTina Cohen-Chang with New Directions8. "Thanksgiving"NoSeason 4, Volume 1[19][58][63]
"Somethin' Stupid"[nb 1]Frank Sinatraand Nancy SinatraSam Evans and Brittany Pierce9. "Swan Song"YesSeason 4, Volume 1[9][64]
"All That Jazz"ChicagoCassandra July and Rachel Berry with NYADA students9. "Swan Song"YesTBA[65]
"Being Good Isn't Good Enough"Barbra StreisandRachel Berry9. "Swan Song"YesTBA[66]
"O Holy Night"TraditionalRachel Berry9. "Swan Song"NoThe Christmas Album
"Being Alive"CompanyKurt Hummel9. "Swan Song"YesTBA[67]
"Don't Dream It's Over"Crowded HouseFinn HudsonMarley RoseTina Cohen-Chang,Blaine AndersonSam Evans and Brittany Piercewith New Directions9. "Swan Song"YesTBA[68]
"Feliz Navidad"José FelicianoArtie Abrams10. "Glee, Actually"NoThe Christmas Album Volume 3[69]
"White Christmas"Michael Bublé feat.Shania TwainBlaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel10. "Glee, Actually"NoThe Christmas Album Volume 3[69][70][71]
"Oh Hanukkah"Barenaked LadiesJake Puckerman and Noah Puckerman10. "Glee, Actually"NoThe Christmas Album Volume 3[69][72]
"Jingle Bell Rock"Bobby HelmsSam Evans with the McKinley High Cheerios10. "Glee, Actually"NoThe Christmas Album Volume 3[69]
"The First Noël"TraditionalMarley Rose10. "Glee, Actually"NoThe Christmas Album Volume 3[69]
"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"Judy GarlandMarley RoseNoah PuckermanJake Puckerman,Sam EvansBrittany PierceBlaine Anderson andKurt Hummel with Finn Hudson and New Directions10. "Glee, Actually"NoThe Christmas Album Volume 3[69]
"I Don't Know How to Love Him"Jesus Christ SuperstarTina Cohen-Chang11. "Sadie Hawkins"YesTBA[73][74][75]
"Baby Got Back"Jonathan CoultonThe Adam's Apples11. "Sadie Hawkins"YesTBA[74][75][76]
"Tell Him"The ExcitersMarley Rose and Brittany Pierce with New Directions females11. "Sadie Hawkins"YesTBA[74][75][77]
"No Scrubs"TLCArtie AbramsBlaine AndersonRyder LynnSam Evans and Joe Hart11. "Sadie Hawkins"YesTBA[74][75][78]
"Locked Out of Heaven"Bruno MarsMarley Rose and Wade "Unique" Adams with Tina Cohen-ChangSugar Motta and Brittany Pierce11. "Sadie Hawkins"YesTBA[74][75][79]
"I Only Have Eyes for You"The FlamingosRyder Lynn with Artie Abrams and Joe Hart11. "Sadie Hawkins"YesTBA[74][75][80]
"Torn"Natalie ImbrugliaRachel Berry12. "Naked"YesTBA[81][82][83]
"Centerfold" / "Hot in Herre"The J. Geils Band / NellyJake PuckermanSam EvansRyder Lynn andTina Cohen-Chang12. "Naked"YesTBA[83][84][85]
"A Thousand Years"Christina PerriMarley Rose and Jake Puckerman12. "Naked"YesTBA[83][86][87]
"Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)"Ne-YoJake Puckerman12. "Naked"YesTBA[83][85][88]
"Love Song"Sara BareillesRachel BerryQuinn Fabray and Santana Lopez12. "Naked"YesTBA[83][85][89]
"This Is the New Year"A Great Big WorldNew Directions12. "Naked"YesTBA[83][90][91]
"Bring Him Home"TBAKurt Hummel and Rachel Berry13. "Diva"YesTBA[92][93]
"Don't Stop Me Now"TBATBA13. "Diva"YesTBA[94]
"Hung Up"TBATBA13. "Diva"YesTBA[95]
"Make No Mistake (She's Mine)"TBATBA13. "Diva"YesTBA[96]
"Nutbush City Limits"TBATBA13. "Diva"YesTBA[97]
"Girl on Fire"TBATBA13. "Diva"YesTBA[98]
"Diva"TBATBA13. "Diva"YesTBA[99]


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